Located near to Papua Island, Southeast Maluku Regency offers a wondrous archipelago called Kei. It consists of beautiful islands and one of them is called Dullah or Du. For travelers, the island can be a perfect choice to enjoy water sports and relaxation. Thanks to the breathtaking beaches. Apart from that, there is Tual City. That means any visitors can explore the city and enjoy all attractions provided there. The combination of nature attractions and city adventures won’t disappoint everyone. That’s for sure.

Nächstes Ziel

Kei Island has tons of tremendous genuine nature, in case of beaches marine tourism. The land contour is a bill hilly, but not too high. When we reach the highest point we can find Masbait Hill. Even the area is not too high like Puncak Bogor, but Masbait have something unique to be explored, especially for those who are Catholic and Christian People. At this Masbait hill, we can see the cross path, the miniature of Jesus’s cros path before He was crucified. In fact, there a statue of Jesus that standing in the position like giving His bless to the people around. The majority of Southeast Maluku people are holds Catholic for their religion; this can be a big red line why this pilgrim site is being placed here. In addition to be the pilgrim site for Catholic followers, Masbait hill is ...