Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is known as the place to do some adventures and natural activities like trekking, photography, etc. It belongs to several regions, including Lumajang, Indonesia. In that area, tourists may find also a unique village called Jodipan.

One thing that makes it unique is the colorful houses located beside Brantas River. The other names of the village are Warna-Warni (colorful) and Tridi Village. Due to such charm and uniqueness, tourists feel comfortable and excited when exploring the village. Not to mention they have the chance to meet the friendly villagers and try their local foods.

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The word ‘klenteng’ or ‘kelenteng’ is derived from the sound of the bell: ‘teng’, ‘teng’, ‘teng’. Then the Indonesians named it Kelenteng. It embraces three faiths; "Ji" (Konghucu), "Sik" (Budhism), and "Too" (Taoism). Besides being a place for worshipping, this temple is part of Malang's history and open to visitors. Located right in the heart of economic activities and in the Chinese area, the chinese temple Eng An Kiong is a unique destination. The temple is a 5 minutes walk from Malang's central market (Pasar Besar). The temple Eng An Kiong hosts many traditional chinese celebrations, among which are Chinese New Year and Moon cake Festival. A Mandarin course is offered at the temple as well as traditional Javanese dance classes.