Archipelago is part of Southeast Maluku Regency and it belongs to Maluku Province. What makes it special? Many parts of the islands offer beautiful beaches and one of them located in Warbal Island. The name is Ngurtafur Beach, actually. Travelers recognize it as an exotic beach with numerous attractions. For example, there is a nature sand carpet separating two seawaters and that is the most favorite location among tourists for beach walking. Not to mention the atmosphere is quite seducing, so visitors are likely to spend hours there.

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Tual city is located in Maluku and near to Southeast Maluku regency which is famous for the fine white sand beach, Pasir Panjang or Ngurbloat Beach. In addition to the popularity of Ngurbloat beach, Tual is also has Bair Island. Bair Island is a unique island with typical of tropical island. It is a small island with million charms. One of the uniqueness is coming from the two bays with crystal clear water and calm sea, mangrove vegetation and rock cliffs. At first glance, Bair Island is similar to Raja Ampat Papua but on a small scale. Bair Island is also a home for baby shark types Blackpit. To get to the Bair Island is quite easy. We can start the trip by land from the city center to Dullah Darat village with less than 30 minutes drive, by using 2 or 4 wheeled vehicles. We can also ...