Gili Meno is part of the three small island other than Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, which is famous as a marine activities destination. This island could be reached from Mataram by 45 minutes of land travel passing the beautiful Senggigi Beach with a spectacular beach view and conservation forest.

Gili Meno is blessed with natural white sand beaches and no motorized vehicle making you feel like you're in a real paradise. Vacation on this island means enjoying the calm blue waters under the shade of a tree while listening to birds chirping.

Another attraction at Gili Meno is the bird park with various Indonesian and foreign birds. This Gili is also known for the Salt water lake and several world famous diving sites like the Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point and Blue Coral Point.

Nearest Destination

Banyumulek in Sasak language means clear water. Besides that, it is well-known as an area with good quality soil conditions. Therefore, pottery craft in this village is very good. Then the village, which is about 14 km south of Mataram, is designated as the flagship Pottery Industry Center in West Nusa Tenggara. The process of making village pottery in Banyumulek still uses traditional methods such as the burning of pottery still using firewood and dry straw. Pottery firing like this has the advantage that pottery that is burned can be large-scale and easy to color. But the disadvantage of burning like this is that pottery is easily cracked and does not last long. The price of pottery crafts in Banyumulek is very varied depending on the model and the difficulty level of its manufacture, ...