The remnant of japanese Colonialization located on the hill near Kota Atas Sabang. Now it became a history evidence, in this area we can enjoy the beauty of nature Sabang.

These Japanese-made bunkers function as reconnaissance posts to anticipate enemy attacks from the open sea. These fortresses and bunkers include Ujung Kareung, Aneuk Laot, Bukit Sabang and along Kasih Beach.

Based on information from local residents, some of the bunkers have underground tunnels leading to Bukit Layang which is the command center of the Japanese forces. In addition, this tunnel also connects Japan's strategic territorial defense points and thus forms a solid defense infrastructure network.

The remnants of this bunker can still be seen while traveling around Sabang. Among the most obvious are the aisles on the descent road leading to Lake Aneuk Laot and several bunkers along Kasih Beach.

by indonesiakaya

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