Located just 15 km from Banda Aceh, you find the quiet beaches of Lhok Nga (sometimes pronounced Lhonga) and Lampuuk. These are perfect for those wanting to visit Banda Aceh, while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Lhok Nga is said to offer the best surfing, and Lampuuk to have the best beaches for swimming and basking in the sun. However, as the two are 30 minutes walk apart, and it's hard to tell where one beach stops and the other starts, it doesn't make much difference where you opt to sleep.

Source: wikitravel.org

Nearest Destination

This house is settled at the original residence of one of Indonesian Heroins, Cut Nyak Dien. The current building is the replica of the real house, because the original one had been burned down by the Dutch in 1896. This historical site is located at Jalan Cut Nyak Dien, Lampisang villages, Peukan Bada district, Aceh Besar. This was the place for Cut Nyak Dien seatled and made strategy for war. Again in 2004, when Tsunami blasts Aceh, this house made as shelter for the refuges. The one that keeps the original from this house is the well. The well is made high, where the lip of the well reaches the second floor. High lip of the well is made with the aim that no enemy (the Netherlands) could put any poison in the well. This house was built by the Dutch when Teuku Umar pretending to surrender ...