The cluster of karst outcrops that seem to just sprout out of the sea called the Wayag islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago in West Papua, have rightfully deserved to be the icon of this fabulous destination that keep all visitors absolutely spellbound.

But yet another smaller version,and no less fascinating,are the hidden cluster of islands known by the local population by the name of Pianemo, sometimes pronounced Panemu. Part of the Gam islands, this cluster is also composed of coral islets surrounded by crystal clear seas where the karst outcrops are covered by green vegetation.

The name “Pianemo” in the local language means harpoon since the islets take the shape of a traditional harpoon head which is normally used by the locals to hunt whales. Under a clear blue sky, you will sail across lagoons where the sea changes color from light turquoise to dark blue nearing the horizon. Through its crystal clear waters the colorful corals at the bottom of the sea are clearly visible from the surface. As the karst corals are still alive, the islands continue to grow higher over time. Seen from above, Pianemo seems to be strewn on a horizontal line.

Along its shores are mangrove forests and a lagoon near the Pianemo outpost which is habitat to sardines. But fishing and swimming here is prohibited since it is a protected area.

At Pianemo, travelers should trek up the hill to obtain the best vantage view on a spectacular scenery of green karst islands surrounded by turquoise blue seas. Swimming in the clear waters of Pianemo undisputedly also provides its own fresh sensation. Pianemo is reached in two hoursby boat from Raja Ampat's largest city called: Waisai

Source: indonesia.travel

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