Sade Village is one of the villages in Rembitan village, Pujut, Central Lombok. This village is known as a hamlet that maintains the custom of the Sasak tribe. The Sasak Sade tribe is famous in the ears of tourists who come to Lombok.

If you visit Kuta Beach Lombok, then you will pass and will see this Sade Lombok Village, because this Sade Village is located on the side of the road. This Sade or Sade Village is one of the Sasak Traditional Villages (indigenous tribes of Lombok Island) or a native Sasak tribal village that still tries to maintain and maintain the authenticity of the remnants of the old Sasak culture since the reign of the Pejanggik Kingdom in Praya, Central Lombok Regency until now.

Even the architecture of the typical Sasak traditional house can still be seen standing firm and well-maintained. The traditional Sasak building that you can find in the village of Sade Lombok Village consists of two types called Bale Tani and Lumbung. Although located right next to the smooth asphalt highway, the residents of Sade Village in Rembitan, Central Lombok still cling to maintaining the authenticity of the village.

Nearest Destination

Mawun Bay is a beach located in Central Lombok, Nuasa West Southeast, precisely in the village of Tumpuk, Pujut District. Mawun beach is called a beach that is flanked by two beaches, namely Kuta Lombok Beach and Selong Beach Lombok. This beach offers the beauty of the sea where this beach has white sand with different textures in each hemisphere. In the middle to the east the sand is smooth like sugar while in the western part it is rough and mixed with coral fragments. The sea wave is not so big and calm, it is perfect for sunbathing and playing sea wave ripples.