Sumur Tiga Beach on the east coast of Pulau Weh is during western season the best beach on Pulau Weh, the second half of the year. For long it was kind of forgotten and only visited by locals living in the area and a few foreigners who knew about its solitude and good snorkeling.

The corals are not as good as in the Iboih/Gapang area; however when it comes to the fish there are no complaints. Dolphins are often sighted further out at sea. New resorts have been built here during the last years, with tastefully designed bungalows, international food and good service.

Nearest Destination

Ulee Lheue was a coastal port town near Banda Aceh, North Sumatra Indonesia. The name was made of two words. Ulèë means "head" and lheuë means” little peninsula”. Ulee Lheue is a coastal town on a narrow spit of land separating a lagoon from the sea. In 1963, Sabang was officially declared a “Free Port”. Port Lee Lheue became the gateway to Banda Aceh for all import cargo transiting over Sabang Free Port.