Marvel at the richness of culture and picturesque nature of Banyuwangi, the Sunrise of Java. Meet the Osing Tribe of Kemiren Village, who are still eagerly preserving their ancestor's elaborate tradition and rituals. The history of Kemiren dated way back to the time of the fallen days of Majapahit Kingdom. Where many of the population fled to various region to start a new life. The ancestors of the Osing then resides in the eastern part of Java named Banyuwangi and promptly established the Blambangan Kingdom. They declined to move back to Majapahit, and therefore named as the "Osing" people, which in their language means "no”. After 200 years of glory, the Hindu Buddhist culture of Blambangan then overthrown by the rapid growth of Islam, which led to the new reign of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

During the independence war in the 1800s, Cungking village was where the Osing people originally dwells, but Cungking was gradually abandoned as people were running away from the Dutch troops to a densely forested area nearby. There were so many Kemiri and Duren (Durian) trees growing on the thick forest, that soon became their new home. They settle down and named their village after both trees, Kemiri-Duren merged as Kemiren.

As descendants of a multicultural past, the Osing developed an interestingly different customs and language sets from its neighboring Javanese, Maduranese and Balinese people. They even have a fascinating set of tone in order to convey respectfull communication with the elders, or a more casual tone to address their peers.

Kemiren's Chief of Tradition describe that back in the early days, every family have three kinds of houses built to serve several functions. The two-sided roof or Rumah Crocogan is the forefront used to welcome guests. The four-sided roof is named the Tikel Balung, housing the family room and bedrooms. There was no partition in original Osing homes. Mattrasses was only covered with sheer veil for privacy. The three-sided roof named the Baresan is located in the back as kitchen. The Osing’s entrance are usually ornamented with wood carvings of certain pattern, such as the Kawung.

At Kemiren village, you can also marvel to their philosophical language portrayed in the details of their art. Because like many tribes, the Osing also have a special batik patterns, heirloom weaves, remarkable dancing’s, inspiring music and many rituals.


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