Bedul Mangrove tourism in the Alas Purwo National Park area offers a view of mangroves in the downstream area of the Stail watershed which forms a brackish water swamp which is often called the Segara Anakan area which requires a distance of 17 kilometers or 300 meters.

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Alas Purwo National Park (TN Alas Purwo) is one of the representative types of lowland rainforest ecosystem types on Java Island and is located in Tegaldlimo District and Purwoharjo District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Geographically, it is located at the eastern end of the island of Java, on the southern coast region between 8 ° 26'45 "–8 ° 47'00" latitude and 114 ° 20'16 "–114 ° 36 '00" east longitude. Typical and endemic plants in this national park are sawo kecik (Manilkara kauki) and manggong bamboo (Gigantochloa manggong). Other plants are ketapang (Terminalia cattapa), nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), kepuh (Sterculia foetida), keben (Barringtonia asiatica), and 13 types of bamboo. In general, the area of ​​Alas Purwo National Park has a flat topography, ...