The village has a long history as a centre of crafting. It is located around the foot of Singgalang mountain about 10 km from Bukittinggi, close to Padang Panjang. Its very famous for its various beautiful motif and colourful Songket – a traditional hand woven cloth. The songket is a part of Minangkabau traditional costume. As a part of the culture you can find people weave the songket with traditional hand looms in their houses here.

Nearest Destination

Jam Gadang is an icon of Bukittinggi. In the Indonesian language, Jam Gadang means big clock and big it certainly is! This 26 meter tall clock was built in 1826 as a present from the Dutch Queen to the city secretary, Rook Maker. Its roof has been changed three times reflecting changes in the history of the town itself. During the Dutch era, its roof was round with a rooster statue on its top. Today its roof reflects architecture of a traditional Minangkabau home. One unique thing about this clock is its IV, as it is written as ‘IIII’. Jam Gadang is located within a 100 meter park. Near the clock is Atas Market, which is a trading center in Bukittinggi. Source: