BUTIK TRIP is a travel operator and sister company of PT Jalan Terus Indonesia, which have created TripTrus.com, the largest online marketplace for adventure and leisure tourism in Indonesia since 2013.

BUTIK TRIP is focusing on accommodating trips to various destinations in Indonesia, with a nation-wide network of partners, we aim to support local empowerment.

BUTIK TRIP is also a registered member of the Signing Blue, a marine tourism conservation initiative created by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia. We believe in sustainable tourism because we believe that the tourism activities could actually support the conservation and preservation of travel destinations.

Our CSR program called #1traveler1book. This program encourages travelers to bring at least 1 book to be distributed to children of school age living in various regions in Indonesia. BUTIK TRIP also provides custom arrangements for your travel convinience.

BUTIK TRIP understands that true comfort means quality time well spent. That is why we make it our mission offer more than adventure to various hidden paradises but also providing you with the best service and accommodation for your travel in Indonesia.

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