Brahmantya Sakti

General Manager
Love coffee, biking, and nature!
"Enjoy life while you can!"
I am the concept maker. Our job is to make every traveler enjoy their time in Indonesia.

Dianika Septianti

Sales & Marketing Manager
Baking, Coffee, and Traveling
"The best teacher in life is the EXPERIENCE"
I am in charge of fulfilling your holiday wishes to reality.

Citra Pramadi

Web Designer
Music, soul food and traveling
"Trove memories, not things..."
I am in charge of everything on this website.

Dini Rizki Astriani

Guest Service & Ops Support
Foodie and adventurous traveler
"Life is for great friends and adventures"
I will make sure you will have a good time in Indonesia.

Mohamad Iskandar

IT & Finance Manager
Eating, Travelling and more Eating
"Travel as much as you can."
I am in charge of all financial and website matters.

Handoyo Pamungkas

Web Programmer
Coding, Gaming, Travelling
"Don't just see the sights, meet the people too."
I build the website and fix everything.