Kintamani is a village on the western edge of the larger caldera wall of Gunung Batur in Bali, Indonesia. It is on the same north-south road as Penelokan and has been used as a stopping place to view the Gunung Batur region. Kintamani is also known for Pura Tuluk Biyu's 1,000-year-old "Rites of Peace" stone tablets and the Kintamani dog. It is situated next to Mount Batur.

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Nearest Destination

Batur Lake is located at Batur Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali. This destination offers the beauty of Mount Batur with its gorgeous lake. To reach this destination, you have to drive for about 2 hours from Denpasar. This place has its own legend at Batur Temple, believed to be the dwelling of the Goddess Danu, which is the Goddess of Fertility according to the Balinese Hindu belief. This temple was built since the time of Empu Kuturan on the 10th century until the early 11th century. It is said that the Batur Temple is a place of meditation for the rulers of Bali. The Batur Temple is also known as Pura Khayangan Jagad. This region is the place of an old traditional village called Trunyan Village. Unlike most Balinese village, if there's a death in the village, the ...