The outstanding reefs off the western point of Kri Island must rate as Raja Ampat's single most popular dive spot, and are the main reason why this is where diving/tourism first kicked off in the region. Snorkeling is also excellent here, but the currents can be very strong - you need a boat with you all along!


Nearest Destination

Sawinggrai village is located in the Meos Mansar district, Raja Ampat, West Papua province. It is among the most recognized village besides Arborek in the same district. This village has 36 families and it is prominent for the Cenderawasih, the Bird of Paradise, the icon of Papua raised in this village. The Red Bird of Paradise is the special icon of the village of Sawinggrai. There are four species of Cenderawasih reared in this village, namely the Red Bird of Paradise, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise, the Lesser Bird of Paradise, and the Greater Bird of Paradise. Some of the birds are able to perform movements that resemble a unique dance. Source: