Meru Betiri National Park is located in the southern East Java region, since 1982 by the Minister of Agriculture with an area of ​​around 58,000 ha with the name taken from the name of the highest mountain in the region, Betiri Mountain (1,223m). Administratively, Meru Betiri National Park is located in Jember Regency and Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province.
Meru Betiri National Park (TNMB), known as lowland tropical forest in South East Java Province, has a high biodiversity, including flora richness with various types of plants that have medicinal properties, fauna habitat as well as objects and natural tourist attractions which spread over an area of ​​58,000 Ha, with a land area of ​​57,155 Ha and waters of 845 Ha.
Meru Betiri National Park (TNMB) has three different ecosystems namely mangrove, swamp forest and lowland rainforest.
This national park is a habitat for rare plants, namely rafflesia flower (Rafflesia zollingeriana), and several other types of plants such as mangrove (Rhizophora sp.), Fires (Avicennia sp.), Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus), nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), rengas (Gluta renghas), bungur (Lagerstroemia speciosa), pulai (Alstonia scholaris), bendo (Artocarpus elasticus), and several types of medicinal plants.

Nearest Destination

Bedul Mangrove tourism in the Alas Purwo National Park area offers a view of mangroves in the downstream area of the Stail watershed which forms a brackish water swamp which is often called the Segara Anakan area which requires a distance of 17 kilometers or 300 meters.