Pahawang is the name of the village in the Punduh Pidada district, Pesaran Regency. The ​​1,084 hectares island is located not far from the Punduh Gulf is and divided into two islands, namely Great Pahawang and Small Pahawang. Pahawang Island has six villages, namely Suakbuah, Tema, Jeralangan, Kalangan, Pahawang, and Cukuhnyai.

To reach Pahawang, travelers must use a motor boat for about an hour's ride from Ketapang pier on Padang Cermin district. The trip to Great Pahawang island can be enjoyed with crystal clear sea water view and many marine animals that can be seen from the boat. The boat usually docks at to Great Pahawang, which is home to most of the population. The travelers usually stay at the hotel or homestay in Great Pahawang.

To enjoy the nature and underwater scenery around Pahawang, travelers can use the motor boat which can be hired for a full day. Clusters of coral underwater Pahawang Island was amazing. The view of a turquoise sea and the fishes that roam among the coral makes us reluctant to leave here.

The boat can also drop by Small Pahawang Island, a located 0 minutes from Great Pahawang. there is a private cottage on Small Pahawang Island owned by foreign nationals. View of the white sand beaches and hills on background lines plus a tranquil atmosphere makes Pahawang Small Island so hard to leave behind.

In Small Pahawang there is an area called Tanjung Putus which connects the Small Pahawang Island and Tanjung Putus Island. Tanjung Putus is a name given because when tide is low a natural bridge is formed. This place is one of the favorite spots for diving or snorkeling.

Another snorkeling spot favorited by travelers around the Pahawang Island is Kelagian Island. Kelagian is about 45 minutes from the Great Pahawang. Just like the snorkeling spots in Pahawang and Tanjung Putus, Kalegian Island also has mesmerizing underwater scenery. Kalegian Island also has magnificent sunset view. So, do not forget to watch this while resting after a busy day of snorkeling.

Nearest Destination

If you love underwater treasures, traveling to Pahawang Island would be the right move for you. This island is often said to be a paradise for snorkelers because of the beauty of its underwater biota. Located in the South Lampung district of Lampung province on the great island of Sumatra, Pahawang Island is divided into two areas, Pahawang Besar (Big Pahawang) and Pahawang Kecil (Small Pahawang). One of the most popular activities to do on this island is snorkeling. All snorkelers would be fascinated by the colorful corals and sea life beneath the crystal clear waters of the island. There is also one snorkeling spot that is also the breeding site for clownfish, popularized by the cartoon Finding Nemo. There is also a spot where you can find corals that were transplanted by the locals. ...