Pangkalan Bun is a pleasant town on the Arut River. 'Whoever drank from the Arut River will surely return to Pangkalan Bun,' says a classic saying for those who visit the town for the first time. The phrase illustrates that certain feeling of nostalgia that one day one will return to visit the town. Its typical riverside life together with heritage sites along the banks of the river makes Pangkalan Bun special. It serves as gateway to visitors who wish to venture into the exotic Tanjung Puting National Park. It has The Orangutan Care Center Quarantine (OCCQ) which is the facility for taken care of wounded Orangutans and those confiscated by the Natural Resource Conservation Office (BKSDA).

Nearest Destination

Pondok Tanggui is also a rehabilitation center for ex-captive orangutans located in the park which has daily feedings of the apes. At both center, you will get the chance to see these amazing primates up close and learn more about how we can protect this endangered species of Borneo island. The park is also home to monkeys, birds and other wildlife, not to mention the pristine vegetation of the jungle itself. This is a world famous natural treasure which attracts a growing number of international visitors each year.